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Melancholic melodic death metal from up north - Slow Fall releases new single Exile the Day

Melancholic melodic death metal band Slow Fall from up north the Finnish city of Oulu has released a new single "Exile The Day".

"Exile the Day is one of those easier to approach songs on the album. The song itself is a nice mix of heavy riffs, melancholic spirit and it has maybe the most versatile vocal performance on the whole album. Exile the Day is the third single from the upcoming debut album "Beneath the Endless Rains", out in spring 2020." guitar player Juho Viinikanoja backgrounds.

Slow Fall was founded by bassist and songwriter Markku Kerosalo in the year 2016. Since then the band has gone through a few lineup changes until its current form in 2019, including Markus Taipale (vox), Aki Pusa (drums), Heikki Kakko (gtr), Juho Viinikanoja (gtr) and Markku Kerosalo (bass). Band's first EP "The First Ones to Fall" was released in the year 2017. Back then the band's music was much more into the melodic doom metal sound which has now gone through a lot of progression and evolving. Slow Fall took the year 2018 to write songs for the debut album and started the recordings for it in the early 2019. The new music really shows all the colours in band's own spectrum, from the heavy blastbeat drumming and stormy riffing to the more mellow and atmospheric stuff. The single release Across the Cold shows the heavier and faster sound of the upcoming album.

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