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Mental Fracture - The Mind's Desire

Mental Fracture was funded in Rishon LeZion, Israel, at 2010. As high school kids, we listened a lot to bands like Dream Theater, Opeth, Porcupine Tree and more, that inspired us to write progressive rock music. In a few years, we wrote and processed many songs, but only in 2019, we managed to record some of them, by ourselves.

We shot two video clips, one for the title track - The Mind’s Desire, and the other one for the second track - Genesis. The videos show the actual recording footage.

The Mind's Desire is an album about aspects of creation, the mind wants to break free and create, leave a mark in this world.

The EP features 5 songs.

The first one is the title track, about a person who wants to break free from a depressing routine of life that does not allow him to bloom. The song can be divided into three parts. The first part is talking about the sorrow of the man and later features an instrumental part. The second part is about the realization that something needs to be done in order to get out of the cage. This part has a more silent and melodic characteristic. The third part is about breaking free, and it is very loud and rhythmic.

The second track is called Genesis, and it is the very first song that we wrote as a band. The song is completely instrumental, and has a middle eastern vibe to it, with harmonic-minor scales and odd time signatures.

The third song - In The Eye Of The Creator is a sequel to Genesis and talks about the perspective of God in the creation of the universe and mankind. This song shares some riffs and motives with Genesis.

The fourth song is Poetic Hate, which is about plagiarism, and creation by theft. It has a very angry vibe to it, and it is the most 'metal' song in the album. It features a lot of distortion, bass tapping and fast scales, alien synths and at the end, there's a fast instrumental part.

The last track is called Bucolic and it is completely acoustic and completely instrumental. It features a lot of percussions like darbukas, Georgian drums, djembe, shaker, castaniete, cajon, bells and more. The middle eastern vibe is very present here.

Discovered via Musosoup