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Michael Lukes: "I AM" EP

Michael Lukes was born in Ascot, England and moved to Italy with his family. At an early age he began to cultivate his passion for music.

In 2017 he embarked on a solo career reinterpreting some well known songs and recording his own work, and he currently lives and work between London and Rome.

‘I AM’ is an invitation to be yourself. The lyrics are deep in self reflection and awareness, paired with an elegant and never reduntant indie-pop sound. The first track, ‘Far Away’, is a story that expresses the distance between people: a physical or mental distance, sometimes tormented, but fortunately with a happy ending. Released as first single in April, it already hit more than 10000 streams on You Tube and Spotify.

'Life in a bubble’ indulges on that moment of true sentimental symbiosis, so strong that we don’t desire anything else.

The third ‘Stars’ is probably the most introspective piece: "Among people there is no difference, because we all belong to the same universe - explains Michael Lukes -. Each of us, when we understand we are part of it, can be whatever we want and, above all, seek happiness ”.

The EP closes with ‘Everything changed’ when everything seems a long suffering and when you least expect it, you meet that one person who gives you enthusiasm and desire to find happiness.

"I AM is the result of an experience that led me, with so much effort and thanks to my spiritual guide, to be myself - declares the author of the album -. In the EP I drew on this greater awareness, in the hope it can be a help or a "cure", as music was for me".

In I AM Riccardo Schiavello played on guitars, Veronica Monaco on bass, Marco Pasquariello on keyboards, Stefano Padoan on drums.

The EP was recorded and mixed by Jesse Germanò at the Jedi Studio, mastered by Filippo Strang and produced by Michael Lukes, Stefano Padoan, Kosmos and

Citizen Y.

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