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Michael Lukes (IT/UK, indie pop). New single "Far Away" and video out now

Far Away is the new single from Michael Lukes, taken from his forthcoming EP I Am, featuring 4 unreleased songs plus a bonus track.

The Ep will be released on May 24th on Seahorse Recordings.

Far Away is a charming, elegant and minimal indiepop love song, produced and arranged by Michael and Stefano Padoan, mixed by Jesse Germanò and mastered by Filippo Strang.

The theme of the song is a newfound connection between two people, following a forced separation.

It's an endless whisper of love to the sea and the wind creating a bridge that covers and ereases any physical distance. Michael Lukes is a singer and songwriter born in Ascot, England, who's now splitting his life between Rome and London.

Exposed at an early age to various music movements, mainly from the UK scene, he soon began to cultivate his interest in music performing in various bands.

In 2017 he embarked on a solo career, releasing a revisited version of The Sound of Silence and performing in several music festivals. His compositions draw inspiration from his multi-cultural background and experiences.

"I started writing the lyrics when I was in the United States and felt an overwhelming sense of distance. Through that experience - says Michael Lukes - I realized that the distance between people can be both physical and emotional. We can have someone by our side and yet be unable to exchange a single word; vice versa, sometimes we can communicate even if we are separated by thousands of miles. This emptiness, physical or emotional, can be overcome as long as there is an unconditional love and a real desire to reunite."

Love and feelings no longer have distances

Release party June 07th London: The Finsbury

More Uk dates tba

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