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Mickey 9s - Professional

Professionals is the new single from Glaswegian indie-funksters Mickey 9s. It features a blend of jaggy, detuned guitars, big-hitting basslines and devilishly infectious vocal melodies.

By Mickey 9s standards, Professionals is (at least at times) a chilled-out affair. The groove is ice-cold and the lyrics are as satirical as ever, delivered in a restrained, yet aggressive whisper. It’s a fresh, new, and seriously cool idea from one of the UK’s most exciting underground bands.

O Electrico is out 1st March on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud and everywhere else.

Anyone who knows about the Scottish music scene will tell you that Mickey 9s is one of the most exciting live bands around. The irreverent 4-piece from Glasgow combines elements of dance, rock and funk into a blistering, genre-defying groove that has been sending crowds into a frenzy for nearly a decade.

Mickey 9s started when four school friends went to see Daft Punk play at a music festival and promptly decided that this was the kind of music they wanted their band to make. After returning home, the awestruck lads ditched their guitars in favour of synthesizers with the hope of joining the electronic renaissance that was happening in the UK at the time.

After countless nights of basslines, bleeps, buzzes and beats - in the rehearsal studio and on the dancefloors of SubClub and the now-demolished Soundhaus - it became clear to the band that their new idea wasn't working out as they’d hoped. The 'dance' songs they were writing lacked the energy and emotion that the 9s wanted to unleash upon the bars and concert halls of their home city.

So, the question was thus: How to combine the 'perfection' of dance music with the raw energy of a rock 'n' roll band? Fortunately for Mickey 9s, the answer was simple. The electric guitars reappeared just as quickly as they had gone, and the Korg gear was sold on Gumtree. From that point on Mickey 9s continued to make dance music, but without any of the faff.

Over the next few years, the band - led by charismatic masked frontman 'St. Cool' - toured relentlessly and perfected the material that would go on to form 2015's 'The Party Manifesto'.

The first album was a rip-roaring statement of the energy and intent of Mickey 9s. Recorded live in just a few days and mostly without the help of a metronome, The Party Manifesto is a dance-funk record with punk-rock tendencies.

Two years later came the widely-acclaimed sophomore effort 'Galactic Radio' (2017), which showed much progress in terms of songwriting maturity and production, not to mention a 'no budget' music video ('Planet') filmed for the band by over 100 fans in 50 countries worldwide.

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