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Mickey ‘Mick’ Wynne Announces His Studio Solo Album ‘Mick I’ and New Single ‘Beautiful Thing’.

After an extensive, international career as sought-after session-man and composer, Mickey ‘Mick’ Wynne announces his first full studio album entitled ‘Mick I’  — by  The World of Mick — to  be released on 7the June 2019.  The World of Mick’s new single ‘Beautiful Thing’ was also released on 6th May, in advance of Mick's debut album.

Mick’s multi-faceted career has involved him teaching guitar to luminaries like Julian Lennon; working with the legendary Who bass guitarist John Entwistle on a country-rock album of original songs, as “The Pioneers”; playing at the legendary Abbey Road Studios with the Wiseguys project, alongside their star-studdent roster: Canadian singer-songwriter Chris Tassone; John Entwistle; Ringo' Starr’s son - drummer Zak Starkey - and Elvis Presley's drummer DJ Fontana; plus Georgie Fame, Gallagher & Lyle and Grammy-award winning Ron Magness [Flashdance].

As a library composer, Micky Wynne has a significant catalogue of tracks placed on TV and film compositions including David Attenborough’s ‘Paradise Birds’ and as a songwriter, Mick has many a song under his belt.

Mick has worked towards releasing his own full-length studio album, drawing on his talents, life experiences and many contacts and collaborators in the business; he’s also particularly focused on writing songs that explore the character and essence of love.

All my life I have been a musician,” says Mick, “As a guitarist, writer, arranger, producer, teacher, conductor and singer-songwriter — it has all been my work as a musician. I have always followed my music and then my career followed me. I have lived and loved. Looked for love, found love, been in love and fallen out of love. So I have got things to write and sing about.”

His  debut album brings together a group of talented friends including the much-vaunted pedal-steel guitarist B. J. Cole, Irish singer Patrick Bergin, Jim Mortimore (bass) and ace engineer Joe Gibb (mixing, additional production) to help him celebrate his many passions; his influences & inspirations, the brothers-in-music he has met along the way; his sense of place & time; his rich musical heritage; his diligent morality; and perhaps most importantly of all, the complex relationships he's had with life partners. The love of a woman, he says, has kept him, “going strong...”

Perhaps fittingly, then the new album begins with a number Mick describes as “a dedicated love song… and tribute to feminine power” — ‘The Love of My Woman’ — which has a busking rhythmic drive and excellent vocal power.

‘French Blooze’ (with former Robin Hood, Patrick Bergin) has a sense of Parisian vagabond-panache with blanched voices and a characteristic twang. The love-lost lyrics are deeply melancholy and set against Anja McCloskey's stray accordion.

Mick calls ‘Beautiful Thing’ – now released as a single — his  “always in love” song. It rocks along with guileless charm and has a nifty sing-along chorus. But, just as a Lennon and McCartney number might have — especially post-‘Revolver’ — this track has a carefully constructed, experimental and ethereal episode that might remind the listener of one of Joe Meek's production numbers, circa 1961.

If you like songs of suffering and redemption, courage and forgiveness, and the blues of satisfaction — often cleverly rendered with skiffle beats, joy-filled vocal harmonies and catchy choruses —welcome to the World of Mick!

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