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Mickey Wynne - You Are the Message

Liverpool-born, Brighton-based singer-songwriter and composer Mick Wynne (a.k.a. The World of Mick) is delighted to announce his brand-new single ‘You Are the Message’ and its accompanying video. Taken from his debut album, MICK I, the single and video will be released on Friday 17th April. The single will be released on the Spotify and Apple digital platforms whilst you can find the new video on YouTube on Mick’s channel The World of Mick.

As a composer, songwriter and performer, Mick is known for covering a wide range of emotions and themes, with nuance, in his work and he’s turned that talent to providing a message of hope and inspiration in the trying times of the pandemic and lockdown.

‘You Are the Message’ is taken from Mickey’s debut album MICK I, which has been streamed over half a million times on Spotify. MICK I was released after Mick’s impressive international career as a sought-after session-man and composer: a project which brought together a group of talented friends including the much-vaunted pedal-steel guitarist B. J. Cole, Irish singer Patrick Bergin, Jim Mortimore (bass) and ace engineer Joe Gibb (mixing, additional production).

Blues Matters described Mick's debut album, MICK I as “memories of Johnny Cash here and a nod to Bob Dylan, but all presented in their own way.” RnR Magazine loved his “enjoyable individualism.” Meanwhile, XS Radio in Los Angeles praised Mick's solo debut project: “The World of Mick is a perfect cross between the Beatles and ELO, the best of those worlds.”

“’You Are the Message’ is a prayer set in a blues-gospel vibe,” Mick explains, “It's a song about having hope and faith for the present uncertain time we live in. Hopefully people can enjoy it, take heart and keep the faith: that we're gonna come out of this alright.”

The video - another collaboration with Vlad Jaksic - is shot in black and white. It gives Mick a preacher-with-guitar feel as he walks, strums and sings on a porch. Bright sunshine shines through the wooden rails, casting bar-like shadows – a cinematic motif seen in that 40s’ classic Casablanca (where the city is under its very own lockdown!) Mick walks along the porch, strumming a wonderfully twangy guitar and singing the song.

‘You are the Message’ has already been noticed as a track to listen to and has been chosen for this week's influential Spotify Release Radar playlist. Chosen by Spotify as one of 30 artists round the world with releases this week, Mick is included in the list along with Taylor Swift's You’re Not Sorry, Alesso (ft Liam Payne)’s Midnight and a Frank Sinatra remix called The Nearness of You

“It's an honour to be in such a playlist as this from Spotify, and to be in such good company!” says Mick with a grin.

It’s been a super-busy year for Mick Wynne. Just before lockdown, he took part in his third shoot in Belgrade in Serbia for Grand TV —Serbia's most popular TV show — which draws an audience of 2 million viewers.

Grand TV invites musicians aged 40-onwards to sing a song, then be interviewed by a panel of star guests. The participants are almost exclusively Serbian folk singers, but Mick has proved popular and keeps being invited back!

“They don't usually have Western musicians on the show,” says Mick, “but they seem to like me, so hopefully I can help open the doors for some other acts from the West.” Rather than singing one of his own songs, the show’s producers asked Mick to cover John Lennon's Imagine, which Mick aptly dedicated to greater world health and understanding in overcoming COVID-19. The current show broadcast date has been put on hold until lockdown is lifted and the show can invite a live audience again.

In other news from The World of Mick, Mick showed the range of his work as a composer, when his 7-movement debut choral work Glory Be’ was performed on Saturday 22nd February at St Michaels and All Angels Church in Brighton: a 13-minute glimpse of the performance can be seen below

During the lockdown, Mick has been posting a #lockdownplaylist on Instagram, listing his top 10 playlist tracks along with comments on why each matters to him. Artists Mick has picked have ranged from Adele to Miles Davis, to Sly and the Family Stone to J.S. Bach amongst others. Check the list to see Mick’s picks in full. N.B. This is an interactive discussion so visitors can see a post, comment, then Mick will post back

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