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Mike Lazy Releases 'Current Climate'

Featuring artists T8PES, Kosyne, Redbeard,Darren Judge, Mistah Frantic, Fridge Poetry, Mike Monie, Slubberdegullion

Already an established name on Birmingham’s hip hop scene and an underground legend after decades of rocking dancefloors across the country, Current Climate sees Mike Lazy moving from behind the decks to the microphone for the first time.

It follows his debut solo release, the Bake and Make instrumental album released in 2020 on Last Donut Records.

A former member of Birmingham hip hop group The Lost Generation, his 20 years of DJing have seen him supporting acts including Public Enemy, De la Soul, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Yoda and Scratch Perverts.

Current Climate is strongly shaped by the original boom bap/old school era of hip hop, combined with a British style of rapping and subsonic baselines with a dub influence.