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Miss Molly Simms Releases “Reckless” on the Blue Lotus label

Miss Molly Simms came to local prominence as the leader of Bible Belt Sinners, a fun and flashy Rockabilly band; but Simms’ solo work as heard on Revenants in 2012, One Way Ticket in 2015, False Success in 2017 (Gaslight) showcased Simms with a wider stylistic range. Now, with the maturity evidenced on her fourth release Reckless (Blue Lotus) Miss Molly is poised to break out as an entirely different artist.

The album’s 11 tracks feature Mark Ortmann (Bottle Rockets, courtesy of Bloodshot Records) on drums, and various local artists like Neil C. Luke (Old Souls Revival) and Allie Vogler (River Kittens) add to it’s flavor. It’s lush rounded vibey sound speaks for itself and is cultivated largely by Simms songwriting - but guided by the soulful quality and thoughtful arrangements of Zac Minor’s saxophone and the horn section.

The album is multi faceted and makes it hard to pigeon hole Miss Molly into just one genre. Opening track “Red Brick Town” is a melodic but burning garage rock tune, which lyrically describes a post-apocalyptic scene but on a deeper level is about the wreckage left behind from a broken relationship (a common theme for Simms), but songs like “Complicated Broken People” (also featured on the Saint Louis Blues Society 18 in 18) uses three part horns, background vocals and fluid breaks to paint glossy strokes of Saint Louis soul across a canvas of Americana. By the time the album reaches it’s intimate last track, you’ll find Molly with a softer approach not often heard on the fitting end to the album, “Goodbye to You”. But, even as you wind down with this track, you will leave you wanting more. With a driven bridge that rivals it’s soft and sweet chorus and a lively sax solo, the song threatens to be as powerful as the album’s single itself.

“Working on this album was an entirely different experience than anything else I have released”, said Molly. “Some of these songs were just ideas or ‘throwaway songs’ I’ve had for years but had resigned myself to thinking they were unusable or somehow not complete ideas. But working with Paul (Paul Niehaus IV, Blue Lotus) allowed these songs to come to fruition and I truly believe this is my best work. The single, "Reckless", was drafted halfway through completing the record. We literally finished writing the song during the recording of the song.

Molly plans to “officially” release the album via a live stream performance over Facebook Live on 8/29 at 7pm CST. Reckless is streaming as of 8/8 on platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, Spotify and more. The album is also for sale locally at Euclid Records in Saint Louis, MO.

“She hits the righteous vigor of Lucinda Williams” - Riverfront Times

"Her voice is deep, unaffected, and seemingly full grown" - Best Female Vocalist, 2010 Riverfront Times

“Miss Molly Simms reminds us she’s not your usual singer/songwriter, softly expressing lament and regret. Her music has way too much power and attitude to be relegated to a corner.” -Best Singer Songwriter 2016 Riverfront Times

“Miss Molly Simms can sweep the floor with tender ruminations on loves lost and quiet yearning (along the lines of Lucinda Williams), but not before setting the situation straight with a few doses of hard-earned sass and voodoo bile.” - Fred Friction

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