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MSRBL released a music video about self-deception to accompany their melancholic electro-pop

Helsinki-based organic electro-pop act MSRBL has released a new single and music video "Everybody Lies".

The music video tells a story in form of a short film. 

This video has just been added to Graffiti Vibe TV1

MSRBL background the video:

"We finally ended up in creating a short movie kind of music video. We wanted the video to differ from so called normal music videos where you just see people playing, dancing and hanging around. The video was built up quite by itself around the story that was written beforehand. We just shot the scenes with the filming crew and added some spontaneous material. The non snowy scenery in December during the filming created even more feeling to it."

MSRBL is an electro pop duo formed in 2010 that originally started as a one man project. To this day, the group has released several singles the most notable being Echo which gained radio time in Finnish public national YleX -Radio. The music of MSRBL is influenced by electronic dance music as well as 80's synth pop scene. The band aims to add more modern aspects to its sound and is not afraid of combining different genres. Also in new releases the electric guitar is playing a bigger role.

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