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Music makes everything bearable!

A declaration of love to honesty - gentle and from the heart - comes from Mirjam Catal on her latest single "The Truth". The young alternative RnB singer will release her fourth single on October 9th on the indie label Between Music.

On her new single "The Truth", Mirjam Catal gently breathes the line "you own my soul and that's the truth" into your ear and you believe every word. The young artist has been a good bet for songs full of emotions, tender melodies and modern beats for well over a year now. Mirjam Catal creates this special mixture together with her older brother and lyricist YKO.

"I think music is the best way to deal with feelings. You can be honest without hurting anyone or completely exposing yourself - for example, when declaring love," Mirjam reflects contentedly.

After numerous appearances and awards at music competitions and an impressive response to her releases on Spotify, Mirjam Catal inspires an ever growing audience and gives us on "The Truth" a wisdom of life with: "Music makes the truth more bearable for everyone.” - That's right!