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Music Minds - Video release

A triple single release taken from a special 3 CD Music Minds boxset in support of UK mental health charities - Mind, Samaritans, Nordoff Robbins and Music Support is out soon and a video from Chris Difford has just been released in support of his track.

What does depression feel like? Why can't sufferers just "pull themselves together"

Chris Difford has a way with words, as anyone who has heard a Squeeze song will know.

So, who better to spell it out?!

Music Minds - A triple single release Supporting Healthy Minds - Released: December 2018

1. ‘Flat’ - Chris Difford

‘Flat’ is taken from the album & show ‘Fancy Pants’ co-written with Boo Hewardine and tackles the subject of depression with a twist of humour and observations for which Chris Difford has become famous.

2. ‘In An Ideal World’ - Henry Priestman

‘In An Ideal World’ by Henry Priestman was a hidden track on his E.P. ‘Valentine’s Day’ and is a modern interpretation of the UK Top 20 hit with his band The Christians in 1987.

3. ‘Come To Mine’ - Graham Gouldman

‘Come To Mine’ appears on the 6 track E.P. ‘Play Nicely & Share’ by Graham Gouldman and released in Oct 2017.

Graham met Beth Neilson Chapman and Kevin Montgomery at a songwriters retreat held at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios. “When we sat down to write together Beth said how much she liked the phrase ‘Come To Mine’. That is a very un-American phrase for someone who lives in Nashville to pick up on, but that’s what songwriters do. I started playing the opening chords and the melodies came very quickly. I recorded the track and my vocals in London and Beth added her vocals and guitars in Nashville. Just because I come from Manchester doesn’t mean that I can’t be a little bit country!”

The songs all feature on the Music Minds charity album which was released on Fri12th Oct and available at HMV, Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music Google Play and Spotify and here:

An animated cartoon, showing many simple to follow tips for healthier minds, has been released too:

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