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My Octopus Mind release new single “Buy My Book”

‘Buy My Book’ is the first single from My Octopus Mind’s upcoming album Faulty at Source. The song takes a tongue in cheek journey into the world of self help books, Youtube gurus, and that guy who has the answers to all your problems “if you could just listen for once”, AKA front man Liam’s past and at times present self.

The video is a self-created lockdown classic which encompasses all the conceptual elements of the song: the literal pushy bookseller ignored by the world, the spiritual teacher and guide to sorting your shit out losing his shit, the well planned holiday ending in a disused car park, and a doom-laden, can’t-get-off-the-couch, “what's the point?”, ‘why can’t you fix me?” protagonist. All in all the grass is always greener, and pulling it together always looms just round the corner, so good luck and ‘Buy My Book’.

My Octopus Mind have developed a wild form of experimental rock using balkan rhythms mixed with heavy psychedelic post-punk, wonky riffs and moments of haunting grace. All of this is delivered with a subversive approach to songwriting at its heart.

What looks deceptively like a jazz trio of double bass, guitar, drums and vocals, quickly reveals itself to be anything but. Izy Ellis’ big hollow Bull Fiddle (known to some as a double bass) growls through his spaceship of noisy effects, underpinning the jagged rampant shimmer of Liam O’Connell’s guitar, which in turn jousts with the frenetic driving drums of Captain ‘I-can’t-sit-still’ Oliver Cocup.

“Their repertoire is unabashedly dramatic, expressing equal parts wilted melancholy, growling anger, and a playful abrasion." - Live review from Bristol 24/7

“If the Mars Volta owned a combine harvester...” - Random Audience Member


“...as arresting as they are uncompromising” - Louder Than War

"A warped and psychedelic vibe with hints of King Gizzard" - Mystic Sons




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