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Mykaela Jay shares her new song 'Purple Flowers'

Undefined, reimagined, outspoken, body moving and soul shaking; Mykaela Jay brings together cultures, ideas and artists from near and far to present a raw image of the human experience.

The first song ever written by Mykaela Jay and the follow up single to A Dog’s Way Home, Purple flowers is an ode to young love, drawing a parallel between fleeting love and the youth, frequency and short lived vibrancy of flower blossoms in the spring. When the song was first written Mykaela “was listening to a lot of Louis Armstrong and playing tunes like La Vie En Rose and Moonriver. Originally the song was written for the ukulele, with a sweet jazzy flavour and a bit of oomph. It came to be the funky song it is today completely by accident. One afternoon I just started jamming it with the boys who were later the band for my album.” The song is a funky ode to simple RnB bass lines and rimshot framed drum beats, mimicking the likes of RnB greats Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill and D’angelo. It’s fun, funky and easy to sing along to.

Recorded at Top Cat studios in Alstonville, NSW and produced by Brad Wann the Purple Flowers, like every song on Mykaela’s upcoming album, is a celebration of the talent and musicianship found in her rural town of Lismore, NSW and an attempt to create opportunities for young, local musicians. The song features Angus Fletcher on drums, Luke Fawcett on bass, Hugo Jones on keys, Jacobus Barnard on sax and Tiahn Gambley on backing vocals.

Mykaela Jay has sung her way from Melbourne, to Sydney, to Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and back home again. Winner of the 2019 ‘Lismore Young Songwriters Competition’, performer at CRANKFEST, ROAR Women’s Music Festival and a number of intimate and outrageous affairs throughout the Northern Rivers, Brisbane and Melbourne, Mykaela is currently working on the release of her debut album, Mother Dearest. Following the release of her well received single A Dog’s Way Home Mykaela Jay is currently patching together the final pieces of her debut work which will be filled with jazzy tidbits, funky beats, folk tales of near, far and in-between. Mykaela Jay’s music is the collision of layered harmonies, funky bass lines, danceable grooves and dreamy lyrical tales.



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