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Mysterious Italian Band Hausers Combine Music & Art in new Single “Tokyo”

Fusing an experimental, imaginative, and artistic approach to creating music, while keeping band member's identities anonymous Hausers is set to drop their single “Tokyo” to heavy interest.

In a music industry that often seems overly ego-driven and focused it is refreshing for many to see a project take the exact opposite approach. Enter HausersHausers, an Italian band who fuse indie-rock music and art into something very special all while making an extra effort to keep their names and faces out of the spotlight, and the attention kept on the music they are pouring their hearts and souls into instead. The latest fruit to be born from the project, the single “Tokyo”, will be available across all major streaming and download platforms on March 22nd, 2019, and those who have heard advanced copies expect it to have a heavy impact on music fans who appreciate substance, quality, and imagination over personalities.

“Yes, we take a different approach to music creation and how we present our band,” commented the vocalist of Hausers. “But this is by design and we would like to see our music speak for itself. You can feel this spirit in 'Tokyo' and look forward to seeing how well it is received.”

According to what little is known of the band's backstory, the musicians who came together to form Hausers in 2016 even take a non-traditional approach towards music creation and performance. Rarely meeting in person, the three Milan-based musicians do most of their work at home, before fusing it together into something much larger than their individual pieces.

The end result is an experience that takes listeners on a ride where influences stemming from much of the last 40 years of rock music can be heard sneaking into their sound, as they undoubtedly present something fresh and new.

Italian indie-rock is being put on notice with the release of “Tokyo” that Hausers are not scared to think outside the box, and let their work stand on its own two legs.

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