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Naama Guggenheim Releases Shot In The Air

When you've got no back to lean on, it's time to throw in the towel. This one is the full surrender - the let go. In an album that is a world of rhythm and beats "Shot In The Air" is the moment of truth - do I trust myself enough to go after my dreams?

A few beautiful people helped make this intimate gem a masterpiece - I hope you'll like it as much as I do.

As we head towards the album, every song finds its place, but this one will always have a special one for me.

Naama Guggenheim serves a fresh new take on electronic soul music. Naama and Her exquisite team have found that combination between a deep soulful voice, catchy melodies and lyrics followed by a mellow electronic beat.

Naama’s lyrics reveal a world of honesty. Her eye catches all and leaves no man behind, not even herself.

The direct message is: “A broken heart is an open heart” - Guggenheim’s music is a true map of the heart and so is the art that goes along with it.

Genuine femininity is at the forefront of Naama’s say. She opens the door to a sensitively confident world, leaves us no choice but to give in to our inner - voices. Born and raised in 3 different continents, she is internationally hugged - repping Tel Aviv, Bern, Cleveland.

Naama has been traveling and touring, her whole life. Artistically influenced by connection, emotion, energy and “The Social Wind” Naama creates a world of acceptance and honesty. Where it’s better if you keep everything out in the open. Flaws and All.

Her debut album is set to come out soon.