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Nadia Vaeh releases innovative video celebrating femininity with Monroe - May 14th, 2020

Vaeh’s bubblegum atmospheric vocals compliment the laid-back electronic production, for an energetic and feel-good vibe. - Wonderland

Conscious-pop singer/songwriter Nadia Vaeh, releases an innovative new music video for her catchy dream pop release Monroe.

Hailing from Atlanta, the now LA based artist's love of music began at the age of two and was nurtured by her parents, who placed her in a travelling youth choir. Her mother was a poet, who passed her love of word to Nadia Vaeh, which later fuelled her talent as a lyricist. Her success is a result of work effort inspired by the successes of other great women she admires. Having written in several genres, her fascination lies within pop because as she puts it, “You can tell a story with an important message through pop music and create positive shifts in the world around us as well as just a person’s mood”.

Releasing an innovative and powerful new music video for Monroe, a true moving pop anthem, Nadia enlisted the help of 50+ women from all over the world who are currently quarantined, performers ages range from 5 to 71 and some have never performed prior to this. The feel good creative video champions women, a few performers in the video are trans or identify as female, Monroe is as inclusive as possible to celebrate empowered femininity in its entirety. “To be a “Monroe” does not stop at the traditional meaning of being a woman.” said Nadia Vaeh.

With endless resilience, Nadia Vaeh, has received international recognition with previous releases such as Boomerang and Holidazed & Confused and with over 250,000 combined streams on Spotify on her releases, her songwriting is not only personally healing but is also a platform to help others heal and make waves with social matters.

Speaking of Monroe, Nadia says, "Monroe" commemorates the pivotal moments of my music career and journey back to being comfortable in my skin. The song highlights some of the successful women creatives who have inspired me along the way to not be fearful of taking up space and shining my light. The main purpose of this song is to inspire women to embrace their bodies, voices and to support each other in these pursuits.

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