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Naples-based shoegaze/darkwave band Solitude in Apathy release debut EP

Solitude In Apathy's debut EP (S/t) was recorded at Vipchoyo Sound Factory studios with Giacomo Salzano of italogaze starwarts Stella Diana.

Their influences range from shoegaze to dark wave and alternative rock, with a hint of gothic. In this first offering we can find new wave rhythms and bass lines, hypnotic, shoegazey guitars and dreamy vocals drenched in reverb.

Solitude In Apathy are Santina Vasaturo (vocals, bass), Gennaro Cristiano (guitar) and Diego Niola (drums); the band were formed in Naples in 2016. They have supported bands like Stella Diana and Rome in Monochrome.

Lead single “The other”, released in June, earned them praise from various outlets in Europe and the States, and airtime on DKFM Radio, among others. 

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