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NAYAD - YOU AND I (single from upcoming EP)

For fans of London Grammar as well as classic psychedelic rock acts like King Crimson and Pink Floyd, after features in Indie Shuffle and Swedish National Radio, Swedish dream pop duo NAYAD is back with more retro magic, the song “YOU AND I”.

“A song about feeling completely and utterly safe” says Erik, one of the two members. He continues “We wanted to take the listener to a safe space where everything evil disappears and dies. That's where I go when I listen to a song like “Nights in white Satin”. I guess I'll chase that feeling for the rest of my life".

Once again co-produced and mixed by Swedish Red Elephant (members from "I don't speak French") and once again blending dreamy vocals with large choruses, cassette tape warmth, and this time some fuzzy guitars along with and a string machine from 1972.

Moving freely above genres, occasionally diving into one or another Stockholm duo 'NAYAD' has been releasing music in both Swedish and English since March 2020.

Encouraged by the good reception following the debut single "Ingen vet", the band went back to Studio Bernadotte and together with producerduo Swedish Red Elephant (members of I Don't Speak French and Stranded Mermaid ) recorded the "Don't be mad if I don't come along". Since its release "Don't be mad if I don't come along" has been featured in Indie Shuffle and Swedish National Radio among others, and a music video premiered in August same year.

Later in 2020, "Holy Lakes (Dusk)" was released November 6th 2020. The first of two song about the serenity and beauty of nature. Despite not being what you normally would describe as radio-friendly, ”Holy Lakes (Dusk)” was given airtime in Swedish National Radio on P3 Indie.

In 2020 NAYAD also gained the attention of The Moon Recording Company who now represents NAYAD in the US and Canada.