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New Age Album - as we imagine by Lisa Pressman

" As We Imagine... It is a collection of songs that instantly makes our imagination wander, featuring a unique combination of 7' Bosendorfer Concert Grand Piano, synths, and vocals textures. Indeed, listening to it feels a bit like rediscovering the power of the imagination. It is without a doubt one of 2019's finest New Age music releases." 

"I'm happy to report that As We Imagine contains a small masterpiece! The song 'Atmosphere of Love', reminiscent of Suzanne Ciani's #1 hit 'The Velocity of Love', is beautiful beyond words." 

"Lisa Pressman's As We Imagine is a highly original, well-made and heartfelt album. The way it boosts the imagination makes it perfect for creative work and deep thinking. It also contains two songs that are destined to become New Age music hits, the beautiful 'Atmosphere of Love' and 'Sheltering Wings'. All in all, As We Imagine is an outstanding release."

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