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New album and video Release: CRM - "Who Are You Exactly?"

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

The "madness of the relationship with the customer" of CRM (Customer Relationship Madness) is a musical project that, through the lens of post-punk, psycho-wave, electronic sounds, noise and baggy beats focuses on the insanity that broods in a society dominated by individualism, cynicism and tendency to self-destruction.

Programmatically, the intro of the first track of the disc, Pluton, is a sample of the voice of Donald Trump, who better than anyone else represents this dissolving process in progress.

The name CRM mocks the acronym that in the marketing world identifies the central activity of Customer Relationship Management, emphasizing how what is normally considered management, is in reality madness, a global game of manipulation of thoughts and desires.

In "Who Are You Exactly?" CRM do not express judgments, rather they aim to reflect, as in the mirror with the many faces pictured on the cover artwork, the spirit of the time.

"Zeitgeist: the spirit of the time" was not by chance the title of the last show of the eclectic singer Luca Palazzi, in which he visually expressed what was later developed into music by CRM, a syncretic journey between visual arts and sound.

The band was formed following the meeting between the “Romans”, Luca Palazzi (main voice, lyrics, drum machine) and Francesca Ronconi (keyboards-synth), with Gianpaolo Rosato (bass), a former member of Black Sonar and the Florentines Francesco Degli Innocenti (guitar), ex of the Dreg Machine and the B-Backs and Elisabetta Caiani (vocals, choirs, kazoos).

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