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New Album 'Take Up The Trouble' Out 2/22/2019

Working Class Americana Rock’ N Roll

Take Up The Trouble - Release date: February 22nd 2019

Take Up The Trouble is Bison Bone’s 2nd album. Produced and Mixed my Mark Anderson (Paper Bird.) We tracked the rhythm section live straight to tape. Along with laying those tracks to tape we also mastered through an analog system with Adam Boose (The Avett Brothers, Dawes,) at Cauliflower Audio in Lakewood, Ohio. The songs on Take Up The Trouble are mostly about the darker side of life, divorce, broken relationships, drinking and the like.

303 Magazine: “Bison Bone’s new single Crying Shame is exactly what Americana rock should sound like. It has plenty of soul and with the deep hearty vocals it feels like the singer truly knows the pain of what the song describes. Couple that with the strong guitar riff and you’ve got yourself a song to listen to at least three times a day.”

Musicians on Take Up The Trouble:

Courtney Whitehead guitar/vocals

Biranna Straut backup vocals. Lead vocals on ‘It’s Only Goodbye’

Ari Rubinstein Drums

Brad Wright Bass

Ben Waligoske Pedal Steel

Wolf Van Elfmand Guitar

Zach Holcomb Piano/Keys

Tony Piscotti Bass (Miles)

Adam Stern Pedal Steel/Guitar (Miles)

All songs written by Courtney Whitehead


Cryin’ Shame


Broken Toes

Hey Bartender

Late December

It’s Only Goodbye

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