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New Album update - Dave Hanson

What happened with the Pledgemusic Album Campaign?

Some of you may remember that Dave Hanson ran a crowd funding campaign last year to fund the release of his new album - which hit the target in July.

The plan was to release the album in September but he was unable to get the money that had been pledged to him by his fans out of Pledgemusic.

After months of emailing to-and-fro without joy, it seems the company has run into serious financial problems and owes a lot of money to a lot of artists.

Right now he's getting NO responses to his emails/calls.

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What happens now?

The record is mixed and mastered but he doesn't have the funds to press CD's or support a release with promotion.

Everyone that pledged has received a digital copy but he can't fulfil the physical orders till he gets the cash from Pledge.

So Dave is going to start releasing tracks from the album on the streaming sites in the coming weeks/months but in the meantime here are a couple of the new album tracks for you to listen to

Images by Joey Martinez

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