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New artist 'KEEF' releases debut single 'Only Human' in aid of homeless

Homelessness is a major concern across the country. The charity Shelter calculated that an estimated 320,000 people in Great Britain were homeless at the start of 2018. You only have to walk through any major city to see the problem with your own eyes. The single 'Only Human' captures the loneliness, isolation and desperation homeless people experience on a daily basis. The song and accompanied video is aimed to shine a light on the issues associated with homelessness. Any sales made from the purchase of the single will be donated to Whitechapel homeless and housing charity.

KEEF is an indie / alternative / psychedelic rock artist based in the Northwest, England, UK. His music is influenced by the reality and struggles, growing up in a small industrial town and how technology, social trends, and fashion has reflected on society.

KEEF has been writing and recording music from a young age in his bedroom in a small industrial working class town. Influenced by great artists and bands from surrounding towns such as Liverpool and Manchester; and the influx of great music from overseas, 60s psychedelia, rock, punk and grunge. KEEFs' songwriting is a reflection of his experiences, emotions, passions and wisdom throughout these changing times. Absorbing everything like a sponge and using it in his own melodic way.

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