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New London-based band Hunter Gatherers are releasing their third single Run Boy

Kicking off with a furious bass-line, Run Boy is a high-octane gumbo of screaming slide guitar, urgent vocals and a pounding beat, accompanied by an equally arresting Anime-style video by animator Ana García Sebastiá.

It tells the story of a young man who's been hiding out from his nemesis the Voodoo Woman. He gets an anonymous tip-off that she has found him, and there follows a breathless chase around the urban wastelands of the desolate city, featuring her cronies, a helpful rat and a rendezvous in an abandoned army base.

Hunter Gatherers are British guitarist Peter Michaels, Polish violinist Agata Kubiak, Brazilian bassist Matheus Nova and Spanish drummer Demi Garcia Sabat. The members have been playing together across the UK music scene for more than a decade, and Peter formed the group to unite their diverse influences. The band’s sound ranges across stomping country blues, screaming rock, scratchy reggae, intimate folk and soulful gospel.

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