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New LUPER DUPREE Music + Video

LUPER DUPREE music, played on numerous indie alternative radio shows throughout the world, and heard by millions on prime time major national network television in America in response to the debut 2017 album “LD in LA”, returns magnificently with new music for your radio listening pleasure.

“Hanging Out”, the beautifully bumping first single and video from the upcoming new LUPER album slated to arrive in January 2020, will jump out of your radio speakers and smack you right in the heart with the purity of love and affection. Powerful flowing lyrics and super pleasing harmonies armed with a deep head bouncing beat, it will sock you good in the gut when you spin this thumping track. Conjuring a feel good upbeat psychedelic Beatles/Pink Floyd vibe along with a strong modern sounding canvas is what you can expect when hearing “Hanging Out”. This inspiring heartfelt wonder of sound and emotion is a towering musical ode of appreciation to family and friends, and that love and devotion shines through in the biggest way.

LUPER DUPREE is Troy Amidon, the experienced and creative independent recording artist from Los Angeles, and what began not long ago as merely a fun project to exercise Troy’s musical recording talents has turned into radio stations and television shows around the world playing the tracks, and now LUPER has become quite well known internationally as many FM stations in the USA, Europe, Australia, Canada, Asia, and S. Africa have featured the music. 

The positive message LUPER spreads is quite remarkable considering the amount of physical pain Troy has endured throughout his lifetime battling a severely painful and chronic condition of Crohn’s Disease since childhood, resulting in 3 near death emergency surgeries which all ended in resections of portions of his intestines and too many hospital stays in between to count. He is very fortunate to still be alive. This year alone, he has undergone 2 cadaver meniscus Arthroplasty surgeries due to extremely painful bones rubbing on bones in both of his thumb metacarpal joints, an effort to become pain free and ultimately save his guitar wielding hands. 

Prior to the surgeries this year, not knowing if he'd ever be able to play guitar again, and performing through massive pain, LUPER recorded a futuristic new album with the help of Dan Konopka (drummer/producer from the amazingly talented band “OK Go”), to express his gratitude and love to those near and dear to him, especially his wife and 3 young children. The result is a wonderful achievement in the creation of melodic sounds. The album was mastered by Maor Appelbaum, and the Grammy award winning Steve Hardy mixed 3 of the album tracks. Troy doesn't view his poor health as a negative curse, it's just something about his biology that he has to deal with daily, and this obstacle he faces is truly a gift that, through his words and music, has given life to the rise of LUPER DUPREE

We hope you enjoy “Hanging Out” by LUPER DUPREE!

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