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ColourTelly are a South London electronic duo comprised of Evangeline Cunningham and Ollie Chubb. Their music combines elements of hip hop, neo-soul and various electronic genres to create a sound that’s richly colourful and distinctly ‘London'. Over the last few months they have been slowly releasing singles in anticipation of their debut EP which will be coming out in mid November.

On Wednesday they released ‘Apple' via iTunes, Spotify and other online platforms. The track, as with all their material, was written and produced by Eve and Ollie. ‘Apple' is a rolling, sparse pop miniature which juxtaposes distinctly artificial sonic elements against organic sounds with lyrical themes of early adulthood disenchantment and nostalgia.

They will be releasing more singles in the coming months running up to the EP release. Stay tuned and we hope you take a moment to listen to ‘Apple’ and the other releases!