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New Music: Bussauto 'Lost Momentum (ft. Felish)' Single

Afro-Swedish artist Felish has returned to collaborate with Australian producer Bussauto. Since the success of their debut single Come Back, the power of their work has inspired a second collaborative track, Lost Momentum.

Felish best known for her collaborations with the artist Soul Catalyst, with whom she has reached more than 400,000 plays on Spotify, she also works with her Indie-Tropical band Feli and The Lemonshakers. Bussauto is Melbourne-based producer Chris Corby, best known for his Producer role in Aria Nominated Dance act Deepface (Best Dance Release 2005). The partnership with Felish came about through Chris posting some of his Electronic compositions online, which caught the ear of Felish, who then got in touch suggesting collaboration. This song being our second release, has both been a heartfelt, inspiring and revealing process musically for me. I have unconsciously challenged myself to write in a different way; to be more bold lyrically, melodically and structure wise. I love the turnout on LM cause it has this darkness and at the same time a clarity and light, and that suits me. - Felish

Understandably, collaborating across vast distances can potentially become a protracted endeavour draining the inspiration that comes from direct human connection. Bussauto speaks to Felish’s ability to spark life and inspiration even from her initial phone-recorded idea. “My reaction was overwhelmingly positive, an awesome melodic and lyrical hook that I instantly began composing a production picture for. There is a depth and authenticity in her lyrics and her clear and present vocal ability captured me instantly. It is such a talent to be able to combine strong lyrical content with interesting vocal melodies and I am experienced enough to recognise these combinations as extremely rare. There's been an easy symmetry and a rewarding outcome for us and I can't wait to reveal our continuing collaborative work to the world."

The resulting Lost Momentum is a compelling song, crystallising with clear self-reflection and shining light on the full spectrum of talent at play. Bussauto's dappled production of worldly sounds and waves of uplifting dance motifs provides the perfect ground swell for Felish’s graceful presence, speaking to her experience as an artist that has performed on some of the most iconic venues and events in the U.S, amongst some of them; The Greek Theater, NAMM, Converse Rubber Tracks Pasadena and Make Music Festival.

'Lost Momentum' is available from 14th December.

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