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New Music: Calavéra 'Ain't Got You' Single

Calavèra, meaning skull in Spanish, is a character who has lived forever traveling through the ages and experimenting through different styles, utilising aspects of it in his music. Calavèra’s music creates a groove you can move along to, its a little dark but also fun. Ain’t Got You is the latest single from Calavèra.

Ain’t Got You is a story about how throughout life you face a constant struggle with staying on path and fighting the darkness, which is trying to get you under its spell. The song is dark, grungy, melodic, jungle tech bass.

“This song came about when I was in a weird space of my life and felt disconnected to a lot of things. This song depicts how I was able to escape the grasp of complacency and procrastination.” - Calavèra

Hailing from Western Sydney Calavèra originally started out as an electronic duo going by the name of De’Kcuf where they mastered the workings of the DJ booth in underground clubs like Chinese Laundry and World Bar.

Over the last year, it has been head down and foot to the floor working on a load of unreleased music and learning the trade of producing by being accepted into Icon Collective Music Production School. His debut track, Brinca gained great attention from his peers which lead to The A&R Department working alongside him to master his much anticipated new release Ain’t Got You

Genre-wise Calavèra would fit under the dark, grungy, melodic jungle tech bass, taking huge inspiration from Malaa, Fake Blood, Jack Beats, Skrillex and Golden Features

For Fans Of: Malaa | Fake Blood | Jack Beats | Golden Features

‘Ain't Got You’ is available now in digital stores. 

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