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New Music: Dalli 'Taken By The Sky' Single

Dalli’s return sees the songwriter ascend on the updrafts of compassion and the freedom in acknowledging the individual within the big picture. Taken By The Sky is Dalli’s continued search for artistic progression, taking the intimate musings of his formative years and propelling them into an emphatic alt-pop atmosphere. 

‘Sometimes I look back on all the bad decisions I’ve made and feel like the only person in the world. There’s a strange sense of belonging in embracing these very human moments when you realise we all feel them at one point along the way. “Let it fade away, taken by the sky” is having this realisation and changing something lonely and heavy into something lighter, something that brings us all closer together. There is a weightlessness to it.’ - Dalli 

With a move to Melbourne five years ago, Dalli’s musical trajectory took a big shift from acoustic beginnings. Playing around all the usual Northside haunts, he admits that the local music scene was a powerful influence in expanding and dirtying up his sound resulting in his previous single Who Are You getting love across national broadcaster Triple J.  

‘Stunning debut you got there! I’d pop on the same shelf as Jarryd James and LANKS.’ - Bridget Hustwaite, Triple J 

‘A lush, emotive blend of experimental pop with his incredible vocals’ - Pilerats

Encouraged by the response of Australian media, Dalli has really focused on pushing his songwriting. Taken By The Sky uses rock’s rhythmic tenacity and rides it into a selfless and forgiving space, transcending both pop and rock’s self-centric formulas. This new single from Dalli is an updraft of empathy, cyclic and spirited. The accompanying video for Taken By The Sky gives you the perfect position to decompress and look kindly upon your own and your peer’s madness, offering up a moment of freedom. 

‘Taken By The Sky’ by DALLI is out now.

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