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ETS TRIO enhance the passage of loss with ‘Lovers To Strangers’

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Ets Trio deliver folk-rock with worldly textures, bringing discipline and a wealth of experience into a warm and comfor;ng realm. Their single Lovers to Strangers is an achingly beau;ful and honest narra;ve to ease the unse>ling melancholy of lost love.

Fronted by E;enne (Ets) de Kock (vocals, acous;c guitar, lead guitar), the trio offer the grace and wisdom to learn of, and accept the unfastening of rela;onships. The delicate finger picking, stunning harmonies, and heart-stopping lyrics of Lovers to Strangers will resonate with anyone who has felt the loss of someone special.

‘Lovers to Strangers has evolved over 1me as I’ve gathered more life experiences, and as my context has shi<ed. These days, rather than being an expression of my own heartbreak, Lovers to Strangers is a song of triumph for having made it out the other side, and an expression of empathy for someone who might be now going through something similar.’ - E)enne de Kock

Lovers to Strangers was wri>en by Ets de Kock and recorded by Ets Trio (Oliver Wells drums and percussion and Jay Pyefinch bass) at Organic Patch Studio in the Perth Hills with Ets’ good mate Sound Engineer/Producer Ma> Cal. Tucked away amongst the Jarrah Marri forest, it was the perfect place to bring together the final touches for the song. Lovers to Strangers was mastered by Lee Buddle at Crank Studio, known for working with ar;sts such as Jus)n Beiber, Kelly Clarkson, Peking Duck and Gurrumul.

Born in South Africa, a childhood in New Zealand, and adolescence and adulthood in Australia, each of these seRngs have shaped Ets’ music. A WAAPA graduate Ets started playing guitar at age ten and has played since. Ets is also the lead guitarist of Mys)c Rebellion a three-piece electronic ouSit with West Australian Music Industry (WAMI) Award winner Mat Cal, and Mat Parker (Bambuseae Rhythym Sec)on). Ets is also recording with Bomi Rok, a five piece specializing in indie surf rock.

Ets Trio bring the introspec;on of raw personal experience into an outwardly resilient folk-rock lullaby with a keenly percep;ve dignity. Bi>ersweet and melancholic, Lovers to Stranger drags you into the depths of heartbreak before gently releasing you back into the present with alluring tones of hope and acous;c swells of courage.

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