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New Music: Fraser Rathmell 'Hard Out Here' Single

Fraser Rathmell is a producer and songwriter from Tasmania, Australia who produces R&B influenced tracks with hints of hip hop, electronic and rap. Hard Out Here is Fraser’s latest single. 

Hard Out Here is lofi hip hop track layered with vocals on top of a feel-good bouncy beat. The track is about trying your best to make a future for yourself but at the same time facing the reality that it’s hard to always keep pushing. There’s a lot of pressure on young people and it’s often hard to express that.

Hard out Here was written, recorded and produced by Fraser in his bedroom. It started with a guitar sample which was expanded into a full song with full instrumentation.

Hard Out Here is about how at this time in my life I’ve got to work really hard and do the best that I can in order to set myself up for the future and to get out of my hometown to pursue bigger and better things. I feel this is a common feeling that the people around me share. It really is hard out here.” - Fraser Rathmell

Fraser has been a musician since high school, first learning the piano and then the guitar. Eventually he got a taste for production and has been producing ever since. Completely self taught, Fraser strives to further himself as an artist and to make music for himself and others to enjoy. His sound takes inspiration from lofi hip hop and R&B with dark and moody tonalities which are then layered with personal lyrics that focus on current life experiences and feelings.

For Fans Of: Joji  |  Santino Le Saint  |  Verzache

‘Hard Out Here’ is available now in digital stores.

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