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New music from Gun Runners

Bedfordshire’s Gun Runners release the next 2 tracks from their current Brothers e.p with Mask and Bleed

Formed from the experiences of playing in previous bands and ensembles, Gun Runners have created their own unique brand of energetic beats, melodic vocals and driving riffs, all within the short time they have been writing and performing together.

Their first E.P. ‘Brothers', shows the versatility of the bands ability from track to track; each of which offering it's own different style.

Band members:

Sean Kennedy, Vocals, Rhythm Guitar; 

Jordan Smith, Vocals, Lead Guitar; 

Benn Davis-Gregory, Drums; 

Alex Manly, Bass

Originating from Bedfordshire, Gun Runners were formed in early 2017 and have been writing and performing together ever since.

Their debut EP, ‘Brothers', was produced in the early part of 2018 at Lost Boys Studio in Cranfield by Ru Cook and was released at the end of the year.

With a string of shows lined up for this year in their hometown and further afield in the likes of the country’s capital, there certainly seems to be no signs of stopping.

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