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New Music: Gothum & The Noise Pollution 'The Curse Of A True Romance' Single

The Curse of a True Romance is the dark brooding debut single from NYC-based singer-songwriter, Gothum, and his band The Noise Pollution. The single reflects on the bittersweet interplay of sentiment and logic during a long distance breakup, the nostalgia of holding on and the rationale of forgetting and moving on.

“It’s about loving someone with no logical step forward because life is sending you in different directions. Hollywood and society tell us that love can conquer all, but sometimes the circumstances are set against you, sometimes love is not enough.” - Gothum

The Curse of a True Romance is the true story of a wanderer falling in love with a kindred nomadic spirit in a foreign land only to weather the dissolution of a traveller’s romance. The song was written after long-distance phone argument and ultimately foreshadowed the end of the relationship. Through his sincerely evocative voice, haunting melody, and stream-of-conscious lyrics, Gothum takes you on his journey of catharsis seeking solace after suffering the loss of a truly unique connection. 

Informed by his background as a first generation immigrant to the USA and being a well-travelled musician, Gothum paints stories of love, loss, displacement, isolation, and escapism. His soulful, electric Americana is supported on the record by his backing band The Noise Pollution – Tim White (drums) and Finn Baulch (bass).

The song was recorded and mixed in Melbourne’s Sonic Fingerprint Studios and produced by Gothum. Mastering was done by Adam Dempsey at Jack the Bear Studios in Melbourne.

The Curse of a True Romance is a song that lingers in your psyche as its power comes from its truth. With his intense life experiences and sincerity, Gothum bares his soul revealing himself as an artist with both a unique voice and, more importantly, something to say.

For Fans Of: Bruce Springsteen | T-Bone Burnett | Iron & Wine

‘The Curse Of A True Romance’ will be in Digital Stores on the 8th of February.

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