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New Music: Holliday Howe 'Rather Forget' Single & Video

Sydney born, London based Holliday Howe is the emerging artist painting over pop with her own freshly darkened hues. Her latest single Rather Forget is at once youthful, free-spirited and culturally self-aware. 

Rather Forget is her most wistful offering yet. Lifting a sample from Max Richter’s Spring 01 and adding crystalline arpeggios and a sub-kick driven beat, Holliday dances between the symphonic and electronic. It serves as the perfect backdrop to her lyrics, weaving together a story of reckless drinking, the toll it takes on her relationship but also the impending Saturday night cycle that never gets broken, despite her knowing that it should. 

‘Rather Forget came about after I'd struggled with various different music projects where I was always trying to sound like somebody else. I had been listening to Max Richter's Spring 01 on the bus one day a0er hearing it on The Crown (NeIlix) and started to topline over it. The cacophony of strings all building up and building up sounded so emotionally overwhelming and climactic and it reminded me of a sound that felt most like myself - I've always been passionate and sentimental and sometimes so within my own world and the composition works in a way that it envelops the listener totally within it's sound. I worked my own twists on it, amping up the melodrama as much as I wanted. It's really the first song I'd produced thats only purpose was to sound as much like myself as I could.’ - Holliday Howe 

A graduate of Goldsmiths College's renowned Popular Music course, Holliday has spent years drinking in the influences of London’s hyper-inventive club scene, as well as the wider history of contemporary pop and R&B. Taking her cues from current emerging artists such as Ayesha Erotica, Slayyyter and PC Music, Holliday Howe illuminates her songwriting with an exciting honesty, bringing that underground sound into the impressionist light with which she paints her world. 

2019 sees the first few releases from Holliday Howe, having released both Pretty and Big Ego. Holliday’s clear view within the morning light of Spring 01 sees Rather Forget, vivid in its longing to be better, as a stirring juxtaposition of aspirational youth and the enduring beauty of cultural rites. 

For Fans Of: Charli XCX | Basenji | Emawk

‘Rather Forget’ will be in Digital Stores on the 16th of August.

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