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New Music: Hunter 'Fall For Ya' Single

hunter is an Australian new school hip-hop artist known for his catchy melodies sustaining dark themes. fall for ya is hunter’s next entry within a series of standalone singles, blending pop and funk influences with his new school hip-hop sound to create an emotionally sensitive yet brutally honest ode to rejection.

Since high school, hunter began experimenting with rapping and producing. The Sydney artist grew with the culture and it’s evolution through trap and the emergence of cloud rap. The result is a fusion of emotional melodies, introspective lyricism and fearless energy, reminiscent of XXXTentacion, Post Malone and Juice WRLD.

‘There are so many songs about love in constant rotation on the radio because they speak to a universal audience. It’s one of the frighteningly few feelings and experiences that literally everyone can relate to. But in reality, it’s never as perfect as the fantasies that these songs are written about. The real significance of finding true and wholesome love is only put into perspective by the countless failed attempts you rack up along the way, so ‘fall for ya’ is exploring the flip side of the typical boy-meets-girl narrative where he meets the girl and decides she’s not the one. What makes it way more complicated is that she thinks he is the one so she’s doing everything she can to try to convince him’ - hunter

In 2018, hunter released his debut project cLOUDs featuring outtacon trol. Since then, he has focused on releasing a slew of singles all written, performed, mixed and mastered by himself, including Spotify favourite treat, while gearing up for a big 2019 ahead.

fall for ya takes the uncomfortable feeling of rejecting someone and turns it into an empowering anthem. hunter is rather tongue-in-cheek throughout the track, meandering around his sincerity with sneaky quips and cold truths as a result of his extreme leverage over the situation. Nevertheless, he remains direct in his message: ‘I know you want it but, I ain’t gon fall for ya’.

For Fans Of: The Weeknd | Swae Lee | Post Malone

‘fall for ya’ is in Digital Stores on the 15th of February.

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