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New Music: Iridea 'Centaurus' Single

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

iridea is made up of two brothers from Adelaide, Australia. Both Matthew and Daniel Headland are engineers, whose mathematical minds are geared towards intricate progressive metal. Together they are ready to release their debut EP agitationist.

iridea’s origin goes back over a decade, as Matthew and Daniel have been making music together since their school days. Through shared history, these brothers have developed an authentic creative voice. Their process has evolved gradually and naturally, allowing them to take ownership over all aspects of their work.

A single intent—a drive, a will—clothed in hypnotic tribal rhythms, haunting ambience, and the brutal onslaught of organic djent; the same grim purpose prevails throughout. Those possessed by this spirit of restlessness are driven towards strange territories, and compelled to drill down without knowing what they’ll find. In this case, the result was agitationist, the debut EP of progressive metal band iridea.

iridea is a response to a perceived gap in contemporary metal. There was something that we wanted to hear, and although we found elements of it in other bands, nothing quite did it. Our solution was to simply make it ourselves; a seamless combination of non-repetitive song structure, complex rhythm, and djent-esque metal.  - Daniel Headland

Focus single, Centaurus, builds energy gradually from a quiet beginning, and then rips into heavier sections that are like some hellish march. It is a brutal slog through a scorching desert; a wretched individual on a journey with no end in sight.  

The tracks in this EP were composed, rehearsed and recorded in their home studio in Adelaide, Australia. Raynor Pettge, a professional video producer with considerable skill in music creation and production, initially assisted in the development of iridea’sunique sound. In the end, Raynor also  mixed and mastered the entire EP. 

For Fans Of: Meshuggah | Isis | Tool

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