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New Music: Josh Alexander 'Closing' Single

The majority of 2018 saw multi-instrumentalist Josh Alexander working as a bike mechanic and finishing his studies whilst residing with his girlfriend in the Netherlands. This time abroad, steeped in the cultivation of story and discipline, nurtured Josh’s expressive power and the emergence of his rousing single Closing.

Closing is a heart breaking exposition into the beauty and pain of long distance love. The struggles with time zones, distance, intimacy and simple connection are expressed with undulating emotion and gospel-like declarations, countered with the delicate moments of reunion and the tender memories that are a made in such a circumstances. 

Seeing this song come to fruition was a long time coming. Closing came really naturally to me when I began writing it and I knew I had to use it somehow. My girlfriend and I had been apart for a while, and it was becoming more apparent to formulate lyrics around the struggles of long distance relationships. Peter and I thought we would just do a short acoustic version and smash it out in a day, but 5 days in the studio later, we had a full and final version that we couldn’t have been any happier with.’- Josh Alexander

Music has always been a vital part of Josh’s life. Whether it was learning to write songs at age 11, or performing in front of various crowds, there was no doubt for him that music was paramount. After spending time in his teenage years learning multiple instruments, such as trumpet, guitar, drums and piano, Josh Alexander began to fully flesh out his musical ideas, bringing them to life modestly in his own bedroom. The result of this was a surplus of 60 tracks, but it was not until he moved to the Netherlands in 2018 that Closing was realised. 

With the contribution of his producer and good friend, Peter Witjes, Closing was produced in Studio Cultura, Ede, the Netherlands. The pair working closely to honour the profound humanity which Josh expresses honestly and confidently.

Currently, Josh has returned to his roots in North Sydney, where he will continue to write music, whilst performing live to accompany the release of Closing. In the near future, his most important aims are to continue expanding the reach of his music, endeavouring to perform alongside artists that inspire him to continue creating. 

‘Closing’ by Josh Alexander is out March 29th.

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