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New Music: Kentrails 'Beatrice' Single & Video

Following up on his first single, Get Out, elusive solo artist Kentrails returns with exploratory single Beatrice

Beatrice is a nostalgic epilogue of joy, trials and tribulations that come with belonging. A fusion of past music styles condensed into a three minute journey, Beatrice is intended to guide the listener toward their own reflection of circumstance.

Promoted by Ben Folds as an artist to watch in 2018, Kentrails has now made his debut self-titled album publicity available. The ten track offering have been described as post apocalyptic surf folk and neo classical, these different references a testament to Kentrails’ story telling and musicianship. His first single release only encouraging this self-effacing artist as his first single gained traction across local, national and international radio.    

This is a loud soft song of remembrance. - Kentrails

The release of his brand new song Beatrice is another step along the epic and diverse path that has become the Kentrails

The acoustic guitar is again the spine of the track. It steps aside at one point to allow the drums and brass to take over with the  similar dynamic shift of a battle royale. Returning in a calmer capacity to wind the song down as Kentrails measure vocals bring a more sombre mood to focus.

Beatrice was recorded at home and Mainstreet Studios in Fairy Meadow. It was mixed at Mainstreet and mastered by Benchmark Mastering.

Kentrails draws from the big picture and weaves a sonic tapestry imbued with wonder, appreciation and mystery. Beatrice is a bold song that uses Kentrails' strengths to nurture the integration of your musings.

For Fans Of: Frightened Rabbit | Dave Matthews Band | Gomez

‘Beatrice’ is available in Digital Stores from 14th of December.

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