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New Music: Leeroy 'Screwed Me Over' Single

Continuing on his all-embracing creative journey, Leeroy’s new single Screwed Me Over is the dissolution of malice in the face of a broken heart, taking inspiration in Western Australia’s refreshingly expansive coastal atmosphere and the time taken for self-improvement. 

Riding the winds of renewed optimism, Screwed Me Over, is a bounce in the right direction. Over the course of his previous EPs, Leeroy’s releases have dealt with the dark side of hurt and occupied a space tricky for a romantic such as Leeroy. Screwed Me Over takes time to reflect and heal, its buoyant rhythms and breezy backing vocals the supportive current carrying Leeroy to a more content place in his solo endeavours. 

During his time promoting and performing his last EP, Burn To Ashes, the West Australian artist refined his operations and took to developing an act that balanced both his and his followers desires for fulfilment via music. In using a loop station, Leeroy has been satisfying his need for self-expression and the crowd’s hunger for a good time, crafting  irresistible sets that include originals and classic covers. A combination that never loses Leeroy’s undeniable energy or the power a classic song’s identity. 

‘I was going through a hard time with a girl that left me and decided to travel and I was stuck in a job I hated, I decided to quit my job and just focus on music… I got the point where I had nothing to lose and if I didn’t play music I wouldn’t wake up. Screwed me over came to me and was a true in every way’ - Leeroy

With a fresh perspective and a new mode of operating, Leeroy is set to bring more joy to reaches of Western Australia and beyond. Screwed Me Over is a song of great redemption, sharing in the experience of hurt and knowing you’re not alone, raising everyone up via the power of music. 

For Fans Of: Micheal Franti | The Beautiful Girls | Paolo Nutini

‘Screwed Me Over’ is available now in digital stores. 

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