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New Music: Louis Libran 'Take Me Back' Single

Louis Libran is the pop artist’s artist, driven to create progressive pop that illuminates the world at large through distinct personal experience. The western Sydney producer and songwriter has a keen sense of drama, danceability and desire, his single Take Me Back a bold and heady adventure.

Take Me Back is a dark, eerie and experimental song that explores the idea of a broken heart dwelling on the past. The song is more than just a song about heartbreak. Each verse takes on a different character and demon in which i have to face in order to get back to those good old days. It’s a song with many meanings and many interpretations but for me it was a release from one of my darkest  moments.’ - Louis Libran

Louis Libran wants to connect with people through his music that discusses self love and self empowerment. Libran’s sound has been described as experimental but familiar, docile but fierce, with the dramatic switching between light and dark involving the listener in an intimately tumultuous journey. 

‘Take Me Back provides sounds of A.I-generated dark pop: the basslines bounce, synths rush and Louis Libran voice floats you through the song like you're being carried down a lazy river of summer.’ - buzz-music.com

Take Me Back was recorded and produced by Louis Libran in the artist’s bedroom for three months until perfected. His commitment to production carried through to every facet of song with his lyrics carrying the literal in equal measures with the metaphorical whilst remaining relatable. Take Me Back calls on the listener to engage readily and repeatedly in a wild ride through hardships that embolden the good within.

For Fans Of: Lady Gaga | Billie Eilish | Melanie Martinez | Troye Sivan

‘Take Me Back’ is in digital stores now.

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