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New Music: Mantell 'Can I Set It Right' Single

Indie-rock band Mantell return as a quintet with their upbeat new single, Can I Set It Right. Hailing from Melbourne’s inner suburbs, the band offer an alluring mash up of diverging guitars, harmonious bass lines, and a modern take on the sound of classic seventies drumming.

Officially formed in 2013, Mantell consists of Sam Reader, Brayden Filippone, Quintin and Connor Tuan along with debut member Gabriel Olivieri. Left to their own devices, the boys are showcasing their flair for all things music as they wrote, recorded and produced Can I Set It Right in their home studio/garage.

Can I Set It Right was born as a simple, catchy riff featuring a bouncing bass line and chord sequence. The song captures inspiration from classic garage-rock bands like The Strokes and Franz Ferdinand, while also drawing influence from Andy Shauf’s The PartyLP, in capturing a modern romantic narrative. The track is the perfect follow up to Mantell’s debut EP thirty two, which was released in 2018 and showcases their signature sound.

Mantell’s take on old school recording techniques is a nod to the music that the boys hear on their favourite albums. Matt Stapleton (of Magic America) mixed the song and helped shape this sound with his unique approach to post production processing and effects. If these bands are your type, Mantell is sure to tickle your fancy, whether you listen to them on a night out or a on a Sunday afternoon. 

Following the release of Can I Set It Right, Mantell will be hitting up Last Chance Rock n Roll Bar in North Melbourne on February 15 in support of Magic America, and the Grace Darling Hotel in Collingwood on March 2nd. 

For Fans Of: Big Scary | The War on Drugs | Radiohead

‘Can I Set It Right’ will be in Digital Stores from February 15th.

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