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New Music: Max C Bud 'I Guess It Has To Be That Way' Single & Video

Up and coming Sydney artist, Max C Bud, releases his follow up single to his first release Temptress. Stepping away from the mellow and relaxed vibe of his first track, I Guess It Has To Be That Way (IGIHTBTW) brings a beat that knocks with confidence, an infectious baseline and a sultry melody that adds greater control to Max’s arsenal.

Indie-Pop fans will love IGIHTBTW, where Max’s vocals are cool and collected in the face social complexity and his desire to connect, over a beat  that comes together to form an unforgettable track. Once again, Boo Seeka’s Sam Croft brings his talents to the mix, with the pair working to push Max out of his comfort zone vocally.

“IGIHTBTW is my most boundary pushing track to date. Sam and I wanted to use a range in my vocals that I hadn’t explored before, and the result is a cruisy melody that is a lot of fun to sing, and hopefully gets people moving along” - Max C Bud

The accompanying video for I Guess It Has To Be That Way is a sleek affirmation of Max’s creative sensibilities, seeing the him make great headway into distilling what inspires his love for nuanced expression, physical movement and seductive grooves.

Over the years he has played in many rock, blues and folk bands and this year he began working on his solo work which is influenced by many different music genres and typically described as Indie-Pop.

Temptress, the first single from Max C Bud, garnered promising reviews and was added to the Mood Media Playlist throughout Australia. The release also gained traction in the USA, being added to rotation on various college radio stations.

Max C Bud lives in Sydney and grew up on the North Coast of NSW. He has being writing songs and creating music for many years. This is his first project as a solo artist. “This track highlights the many influences that have inspired my sound and shaped my direction. It is simply a fun song about a girl and relationship”, said Max.

‘I Guess It Has To Be That Way’ by Max C Bud is out now.

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