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New Music: Max C Bud 'Relevance' Single & Video

Sydney Artist, Max C Bud is set to release his third single and first for 2019, Relevance. This deeply significant song is a personal and self-reflective tale confirming Max’s integration of his desire for authenticity over this three single series. Relevance is the series finale from the sessions with former Boo Seeka member, Sam Croft, who has brought a crystalline edge to Max’s song writing. 

‘The different style of all three tracks, shows my experimental style and a variety of influences, especially Brit-Pop and Indie-Folk. Growing up I listened to a lot of Neil Finn of Crowded House, Bernard Fanning from Powderfinger and Alex Lloyd - these master artists were able to emotionally connect with their audience and hugely influenced my song writing.’ - Max C Bud

In true artisanal vulnerability, Max took inspiration from his own childhood and life’s challenges when writing Relevance and it lays bare a story that many will relate to. The opening lyrics transport listeners to an earlier time. “I wanted to capture the sense of gratitude I was feeling after looking back at the person I had become after going through some difficult times,” adds Max. 

Temptress, the first single in the series, was released in August 2018. This understated soft-rock assertion garnered promising reviews from AAA Backstage and Happy Mag and streams consistently worldwide on Spotify. Closing out the year, follow up single I Guess It Has To Be That Way saw Max anchor himself over a rock steady groove and declare a bolder confidence in seeking and singing. IGIHTBTW drew the attention of a growing fan base and was played on various community radio stations Australia-wide.

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As the resolution to this series, Relevance is the advent of Max C Bud’s unbridled sense of self, proving to be tender and resilient, reflective and driven. Returning to his soft-rock strength with a greater compassion for the self and and an intimate sense of song. The accompanying video is especially vivid in its portrayal of life’s trials, adding greater warmth to the source and the perfecting this series of discovery. Max explains “I’d love it if this song could connect with someone who has been down and out, but persevered through the hardships of what life can throw at you”.

Max C Bud is launching the music video for Relevance at The Royal Hotel Leichhardt on March 15th.

‘Relevance’ by Max C Bud is out now.

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