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New Music: Mousewater 'When The Sun Is Gone' Single

Following his promising return in 2018, MOUSEWATER’s creative spirit has continued in its growth, finding renewed passion for writing brit-pop hooks and standing upright with an indie-rock resolve. With the release of lead single When The Sun Is Gone the dust of yesteryear has well and truly been removed.

MOUSEWATER cut his teeth in indie rock bands touring the east coast of Australia. The grind of distance, noise, and close-quarters-living taken its toll physically and mentally. He was forced into an extended hiatus from performing and writing. Without even so much as picking up his favourite guitar for years, the drive gone, the passion for music dissolving, he readied himself for the post-music abyss joining so many other kindred spirits.

However, in late 2018 MOUSEWATER resurfaced with his first recording in a few years, a self-titled album. The songs on the album MOUSEWATER were written and recorded at his home studio. The redeeming quality about time-off is that it can offer opportunities to grow outside of music and that in itself can be called upon as inspiration down the road. This onward journey continues and April 2019 sees the release of his new album EVO INCOGNITO. MOUSEWATER adding “I got a rush of inspiration which resulted in the songs for the album EVO INCOGNITO. I believe I learnt a lot from previous recordings and EVO INCOGNITO has definitely stepped it up a level. The single When The Sun Is Gone evolved over time, it has ebbs  and flows but at the same time is constrained at a consistent threshold, in some ways these subtle shifts make you want to go the journey.”

" mousewater’s music is an absolute treat to a starved genre, lacking in the originality and experience of the artist. These songs feel real, they exist as much as you and I do. The stories and musicality intertwine to build an experience that is unrivalled" - S.J, Emperor Oppressus

MOUSEWATER’s continued stimulation is a testament to time given to the cultivation of creative energy. When The Sun Is Gone is a vigorous rock song dedicated to grasping the moments that grab you and seeing that the inspiration is returned in kind.

For Fans Of: The Wombats | Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever | The Police

‘When The Sun Is Gone’ is now available in digital stores.

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