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New Music: Mwansa 'Wildest Dreams (ft. Lauren Joy)' - Single & Video

Lauren-Joy is lifted upon a spirited connection as the South African songwriter teams up with Australia-based producer Mwansa. Wildest Dreams explores the most vivid coupling of soul and songwriting. 

A producer of rising acclaim, Mwansa has proven himself time and time again as a resourceful and hard-working creator, his latest production demanding the expressive talent of Lauren-Joy. Together, across considerable distances, they’ve connected through the power of song, Lauren-Joy beguiles as she channels the energy of the universe in a mesmerising and enduring performance. 

‘At first I was pretty nervous, when I eventually received the track, I followed the same process that seems to work for me. Blasted the track with my body stretched out on the floor. Immersing myself in the track, reaching for the words and images it throws my way. What I love most about my process is that, as much as the process remains the same almost sacred, the words and images that every song gives me is a new story to tell. A story you can relive to your hearts content.’ - Lauren-Joy

Lauren-Joy is one half of a South African songwriting duo, co-founder of Project Love and head of clothing brand Urban District Boutique. Saul City take inspiration from their diverse musical backgrounds to produce, write and compose for other artists. Mwansa is a songwriter, producer  and entrepreneur who has worked with Grammy nominated, multi-platinum producer Ariel Chobaz, he first gained attention with his 2014 debut single Burn This House honourable mention in the 2014 International Songwriting Competition, and made the ‘Best Of’ list on several media outlets that year. 

Wildest Dreams is the result of two distinctly creative and compassionate songwriters, its delicate touches of gospel ambience and acoustic flourishes a stirring testament to being true to oneself and listening intently to that which moves in you. Lauren-Joy’s evocative depiction of a grand love a life-affirming lift to Mwansa’s masterly production, meticulous in providing a cohesive arrangement. Wildest Dreams is devoted to the spirit of song. 

‘Wildest Dreams (ft. Lauren-Joy)’ by Mwansa is out now.

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