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New Music: Paul J Rogers 'Early Leaver' Single

Coming out of a musical hibernation after a storied path of love and music, Paul J. Rogers finds himself within a reawakening of energy and inspiration. His return to experimentation in musical form and function found beautifully in the plaintive and redemptive single Early Leaver. 

Experiencing degrees of success with Real Life Exit (RLX) in the early 1990’s playing prestigious venues like such as Lees Palace and signing with Sony affiliate ICM (International Concert Management) Paul withdrew from the lights after the band’s professional and personal energies diminished.

After a sudden break up from Paul’s long-time love in December 2017, Paul began an intense writing period, writing five songs in the first five months in 2018. Early Leaver was written about Paul’s forced departure from a significant relationship. Paul quickly found himself single, homeless and having to leave his job. All the pillars of safety had gone at once. His re-mergence with Early Leaver a cathartic expression of lost spiritual connections, the projection of anger and mourning a relationship breakdown.

‘These songs had to be raw, honest and stripped back. The lyrics had to be heard. It was important that Early Leaver could stand alone, performed and nailed with just one guitar.’ - Paul J. Rogers

Early Leaver has left both Paul and the audience with an authentic shiver-moments. Comparisons to Leonard Cohen a stark reminder of the power of unfettered honesty. Early Leaver hears Paul augmenting his formative rock days with a mature poignancy as he comes to terms with another momentous shift in the motivating forces of his artistry. 

For Fans Of: Neil Young | David Gray | Amos Lee

‘Early Leaver’ is available in digital stores from April 12th.

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