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New Music: Robert Jeffery 'Don't Give Them Any Reaction' Single

Robert Jeffery has experienced joys and challenges in his creative journey. His exposure to the shifting pressures of time the catalyst for his returning single, Don’t Give Them Any Reaction, resulting in a classic rock gem.

From his home in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Robert Jeffery isn’t a complete stranger to the Australian music scene. He spent his adolescence performing around New South Wales, winning awards in band comps and supporting acts like indie favourites Jinja Safari and 80’s icons GANGgajang. His career with the band ended in a car accident in 2013 which left him with multiple injuries that took a lot of time to recover from. It was during the recovery of his body and creative confidence that Robert refined his alt rock past while allowing time to explore his renewed love for sounds of the past and the attitudes that influenced them.

Don’t Give Them Any Reaction is an expression of Robert’s frustration with the forces in society that urge people to take a side, to which Robert adds “I don’t think we all need to get along but it feels like we aren’t making much progress while trying to one-up each other. Nobody has all the answers and I think solutions are most easily found and implemented when there is some cooperation between people.”

Working with Pete Dyball (Kasey Chambers) at ValleySound Studios, Robert has been writing pop rock tunes influenced by songwriters like Brian Wilson and Stevie Wright alongside modern heavyweights Muse and Arctic Monkeys. Finding common bonds in melody and groove and fusing ornate arrangements with clear cut songwriting to produce dynamic tunes, Don’t Give Them Any Reaction the crystalline result.  Robert Jeffery is polished and ready to shine.

For Fans Of: The Lemon Twigs | Pond | White Denim

‘Don’t Give Them Any Reaction’ will be in digital stores on the 24th of May.

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