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New Music: Ryan Valentine 'Under A Spell' Single

Ryan Valentine is an adventurous romantic. The Canadian has been called by his dreams from a young age and in his pursuit of the glitter and the roar the lead single Under A Spell from his debut album encapsulates the paths his dreams have lead him down. 

At the age of 19, he left home an aspiring songwriter. At the age of 21, he was recruited out to Australia to perform on the stages of popular cruise ships around the world. A year later, he flew to San Diego, California to start working on his first EP with acclaimed producer Jesse Barrera (My American Heart). Self titled EP Ryan Valentine was released in 2015, and started touring the country of his new home, Australia. In 2016, he went to London, UK to start writing for his first full length LP. Fast forward to April 2018, he teamed up with Jesse Barrera in California to start recording Valentine’s first full length LP titled Evolution

‘I grew up in a place where there was not much around me to pursue the dreams I had.’ - Ryan Valentine 

Under A Spell kicks on like Jack Kerouac at dawn, ragged yet alive, deep in the sublime, wistful and wondrous. Ryan’s ability to convey the challenges of the chase is a testament to his experience traveling and performing, his melodies evoke the most relatable motivations and excite the highest ideals. Valentine’s rousing performance is supported by the romp and stomp of a Rock n Roll born from the emphatic union of pop and folk. 

As taken from his debut Evolution, Under A Spell finds Ryan Valentine at the crossroads of another journey in which he carries the soundtrack of his own creation. 

For Fans Of: James Bay | John Mayer | Jeff Buckley

‘Under A Spell’ will be in Digital Stores on the 15th of March.

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