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New Music: Seekay 'Hurts' Single

The most vibrant of creative personas have enabled us as fans to project ourselves onto their rebellious ingenuity in the face of norms, a disregard for validation and share in the deeper value of freedom of expression. The birth of Seekay and subsequent success of foundational single Hurts proves yet again that conventional identities aren’t necessary in order to widely engage our desire to feel understood, to feel free of suggestion. 

Seekay’s key message is that the aims never change - better songs, better lyrics - and through that - the inexplicable moving of our souls.  If our souls stop feeling, then that day for Seekay, it would all be over. Seekay’s key focus is the songs, combining the power of music and lyrics to move and add meaning as people have always done.

Hurts is Seekay’s first commercial release. Its down-tempo electronica with a twist that sits stylistically alongside artists like LordeGalimatias and Bjork. It explores relationships and asks why does love morph from pleasure to pain and betrayal and what are our roles in that process. Do we "earn it" or somehow even deserve what happens?

Working with multiple musicians and producers, Seekay’s creator is private and reclusive. They have said that “growing up I had a very idealised version of myself and how it was all going to be.. It turned out nothing like that and after trying many things the only things that remained constant for me were poetry and songwriting. These were the only parts of my life where I persevered long enough to gain some modicum and sense of of self.” 

This track was produced in NYC by Arthur Pingrey and mastered at Sterling Sound in New Jersey. It's already garnering quite a buzz having secured extensive playlistis across all major streaming platforms with over thirty placements. Seekay’s success is a testament to our ability to connect virtually, an avatar for our exploration of self. Hurts’ expression of suffering  softens our guard and nurtures a modern harmony.  

‘Hurts’ by Seekay is out now.

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